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    I produce art in two ways. One is by creating pieces by pushing paint onto surfaces for people to display on walls and enjoy. The other is by creating wearable, colorful shapes on hair. The purposes of both artistic avenues are to complement people's lives, their style, and to help them express their own sense of individuality.

   Some of my earliest influences in illustration were Channel 6's Mark Kistler's Imagination Station and Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting. Some of my favorite artists include Michael Whelan, Irving Norman, Gabe Leonard, Sylvia Ji, Jasper Santos, and Chris Vanderhoof (Moonblink). Although I am mostly self-taught, I have taken an occasional art class to find guidance and inspiration. I have participated in a number of Sacramento's Second Saturdays at McMartin Realty, Momo Lounge and Barton Gallery. My preferred medium is oil although I also employ pencil, pen, and charcoal to produce abstracts, figures, and other inspired ideas. For custom pieces that I create for friends and clients, I like to sketch the subject and then work through several ideas until a final piece is produced.

   I'm a graduate of the California Barbering & Cosmetology Apprenticeship Learning Center, Inc. My training first began at BIA Salon and finished at Studio Q Salon. Studio Q Salon has since moved and is now known as G Bella Salon. During my apprenticeship at these multi-cultural salons I learned the art of taming, shaping, and maintaining the health of different hair types and textures as well as traveling to assist in various shows and events. Since earning my cosmetology license in 2008, I decided to join Magic Salon near the corner of 12th Avenue and Franklin Blvd. in Sacramento. Here I cut, color, wax, style, and administer lash extensions. My goal is to make sure your hair compliments and satisfies you. I also love to give my clients a relaxing experience at the shampoo bowl which includes a relaxing scalp massage. I have had the pleasure of participating in various fashion shows and events such as Locks of Love, prepared hair for weddings, and look forward to future opportunities.

   Thanks to my brilliant and ever-loving husband, Russ, I can share my creativity with you through this site. Please feel free to browse, comment, or send me a message if you would like to commission me for artwork, have any questions about certain pieces you've seen or would like to purchase, hire me for any follicular needs for an event, or answer any questions about your hair. Thank you for visiting